Reflective Realities

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Living Light

Reflective Realities

(Part 2: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)

Reality is a mirror of the soul. 

Our shared reality is the human soul’s mirror.

Our personal reality is our soul’s mirror.

Both are our teachers.

A dynamic interplay resides between our soul and our experiential reality.

Our soul is like a kaleidoscope. The soul gives form to our consciousness so that we can possess individuality, like the individual designs seen through a kaleidoscope. The energy manifested from our unique designs creates our spirit, which is our “substance” in creation. Every belief, thought, perception, desire, emotion, act, and time-based judgment contains an energetic property to it. The sum of these is our overall energetic character or spirit. We contemplate the soul, but we experience the spirit.

Our personal reality is a mirror of our kaleidoscopic soul. Just as we look into a mirror and see the many aspects of our physical reflection…

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